19 12 / 2013

Tomek’s questions because he convinced me to go back on Tumblr :O …. TBH it’s break and I’m bored.

1) If you could choose one person to be with forever, who would it be? 

I assume you mean romantically… way to start with a hard one, Tomek :P There is this one guyyyyy that Ariane constantly tells me I’ll end up with. So I’ve thought about that a little bit. I mean if he’d have me, obviously.  But he’s great to talk to when we do and he keeps me in check, which is weird to say but a quality I think is important when you’re thinking a forever partner. I’ll try to keep him around as long as I can, but I have less hope than Ariane that anything romantic will come.

There’s also Nate, who I’ve just known for a little bit but we’re having a lot of fun and we’d have some tall/extremely talented babies :)

2) What are your 2 favorite hobbies?

1) Being beautiful 2) Being funny 

(that’s a joke because it’s implying I’m both of those things)

3) What was your favorite point in your life so far? Why?

Right now. Life has just been really good to me recently. I’ve started to grow into myself and I’m the best “Jessica” that I think I’ve ever been. Ask me this question tomorrow and I’ll say tomorrow is the best point in my life.

4) If you had a million dollars that you had to spend in a week, what would you do with it?

Go buy an oceanside house in california… jk a million isn’t enough for that. Maybe I’ll buy a million dollars worth of stocks and hope it turns into more money and then I’ll be able to afford my beautiful house.

5) What makes you happy?

:) Life. Friends. Family. Traveling. Long conversations. Stargazing. A good meal. Cuddling. Books. Hugging. Music. Nature walks. Soft kisses. Sports. Naps.

What makes me happy are those moments when you see a butterfly or an act of pure human kindness and you’re literally breathless because you realize how wonderful the world is. All about the little things.

6) What is something you’ve done that you are proud of?

I’m proud of my status as a coauthor on a published scientific paper. Go onto pubmed, search goldsby, my paper comes up. It’s so legit and going to open so many doors for me.

7) What’s other language do you wish you could speak fluently?

Latin so I can pass it next semester? But I would love to travel to Italy so I guess Italian could come in handy if that dream was ever fulfilled :)

8) What is one of your favorite memories.

Halloween 2011 had a pretty nice memory with it. And August 2013. And had two REALLY good days last week, those will probably turn into favorite memories :)

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21 10 / 2013

Social media

I’ve realized I can only keep up two social media at a time.
Tumblr is out. Twitter is starting to come in.
Snapchat and Facebook are fighting it out for the last spot, but I think snapchat is on it’s way out.
I’ll see everyone on Facebook. Or Twitter if you follow me (@JessicaGoldsby)

Bye tumblr. At least for now.

28 9 / 2013

My parents visited yesterday, and one of the first things my mom said was she got really excited to see I was in a picture with shirtless boys. I think this explains a lot about why I am the way I am.

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  • Yo: what are you gonna be for halloween?
  • Yo: drunk

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that’s it that’s the whole movie

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yep, Ben’s an asshole.

yep, Ben’s an asshole.

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